Saturday, February 18, 2017

Top 15 YouTube Niche Channel Ideas.

In this post I will share with you my top 15 YouTube Niche Channel Ideas. 

Whether you are starting a YouTube channel out of curiosity or to open up another stream of Passive Income, creating a Niche Channel is very important. 

A Niche YouTube channel is one that is dedicated to a particular topic or idea. 

Creating a Niche YouTube channel is important as it helps you appeal to a particular audience type and thus gain a dedicated viewership for your channel in the form of subscribers. 

So here are my top 15 You Tube Niche Channel Ideas. 

1. Cooking / Recipe Ideas. 

Share recipe videos that are both quick to make and great to eat and see your YouTube Following increase by the minute. 

2. Unboxing Cool Gadgets. 

Whether its the latest smartphone to hit the market or that elusive gaming console, unboxing videos can be a hit with the young 'tech-crazy' generation. 

3. Product or Service Reviews. 

Create Videos that provide honest and straight forward reviews about different products or services. For example you could share your experience with using a certain web hosting service provider; whether good or bad. 

4. Science Experiments. 

If you love to conduct science experiments, you could share videos of you performing those experiments and also provide tips on how your viewers can replicate those experiments at home. 

5. Travel Videos. 

If you travel a lot, you could share your travel videos with the world through your own YouTube channel. 

Pro Tip: Videos of undiscovered exotic locations would draw far more views than those of locations that are already popular with tourists. 

6. Life Hacks and DIY Videos. 

Life Hock and Do It Yourself (DIY) Videos are extremely popular amount the youth and can be a great Niche idea for your very own Youtube channel. 

7. Aerial Videos shot from a Drone. 

Aerial Videos shot from a HD camera mounted on a drone can capture the imagination of people of all age groups. 

8. Grooming Tips. 

Men these days love to groom themselves well and videos of you sharing grooming tips could just be the answer they were looking for. 

9. Tutorials for Students. 

Whether its Maths or Science if you can teach students how to learn the fun way, you are sure to be a hit with them. 

10. Yoga or Fitness Channel. 

Appeal to the fitness conscious with videos dedicated to Yoga and aerobic exercises. 

11. Gardening Tips. 

Help people create their own garden with videos dedicated to the art of gardening. 

12. Self Defense Tactics and Instructions. 

Teach people the art of self defense through your YouTube channel dedicated to Self Defense tactics. 

13. Interviews with Budding Entrepreneurs. 

Interview budding entrepreneurs with viable ideas and help them gain some publicity. 

14. Guides to Investing and Financial Markets. 

Help people take the right investment decisions and manage financial risks better through your video guides to Investing and the Financial Markets. 

15. Videos of you Singing/Dancing/Playing a Musical Instrument. 

If you are skilled in singing, dancing or playing a musical instrument, you could promote your skills through your Youtube channel and build a great online following. Who knows you might even catch the eye of someone who can help you showcase your talent on a much grander scale. 

Blog Niche Idea - A Blog On Books

If you are crazy about books, a blog on Books [a Literary Blog] is what you should get started. 

Here are a few content ideas for your Blog on Books: 

1. Top Novels/Books across different genres. 

2. Best short stories in each genre. 

3. Celebrated authors and their best works. 

4.  Literary festivals across the world. 

5. Book reviews. 

6. Brief biographies and interesting stories from the real lives of Famous authors. 

7. Background on Literary awards. 

8. Interviews with modern day writers. 

9. Largest and best Libraries across the globe. 

10. Famous personalities and their Autobiographies. 

11. Collection of popular e-books on different topics. 

12. Best devices for ebook reading. 

13. Famous publishing houses and how they were formed. 

14. How To Guides to finding a publisher for a book. 

15. Tips on better writing. 

16. How to Guides on creating an e-book. 

17. How to self publish a book. 

18. Books inspired by real life events. 

19. Books adopted as movies. 

20. Controversial or banned books. 

Now time to start your books blog....

Friday, February 17, 2017

Top 5 Intraday Trading Dont's

Intraday trading incorporates more risk than long term investment in stocks. It is therefore important that one gets his 'basics' right before trading from an Intraday perspective.

In this post I will cover certain Intraday trading don'ts; so that you can approach your Intraday trades the right way and considerably reduce your trading risks.

1. Don't Trade Without a Stop Loss.

Intraday trades is all about leveraging volatility in stock prices. 

However, leverage is like a dual-edged sword and in case a trade goes wrong, you could end up losing all your capital in a matter of minutes. 

So always trade with a stop loss to contain losses and take emotions out of your exit decisions.

2. Don't average down. 

The best way to trade Intraday is to 'exit' out of 'loss trades' as early as you can. One should never average down on the anticipation of a reversal in price trend. 

This is because that price trend reversal might eventually never come and by 'averaging down' you might end up only compounding your losses. 

3. Don't trade in Illiquid counters. 

Stock prices can change significantly in the matter of minutes, so when it comes to Intraday Trades, every second is important. 

With Intraday trades, it is important to enter and exit at the right moment. 

The last thing you would want in Intraday trades is to invest in a counter that remains stagnant throughout the length of the day because of a lack of buyers and sellers.

4. Don't Wait till Market Closure to Book Profits.

Book profits as soon as your target price levels are hit (yes, its important to have a pre-determined price target in mind). 

This is because, the more you wait, the more the changes are that you will narrow down your profits or even end up with a loss.

5. Don't go by Tips or Rumours.

When it comes to Intraday trades, don't fall for rumors or so-called 'tips'. Base your buy and sell decisions upon current events; specially those that the market has not anticipated or factored in before. For example, if a company has declared the winning of a major contract post the end of yesterday's trading session, its price might move upwards today.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Best Amul Ads Of 2017

In this Picture Post, we feature the Best Amul Advertisements of 2017. 

England all-rounder Ben Stokes became the most expensive overseas player in the IPL history with Rising Pune Supergiants signing him up for Rs 14.5 cr. Amul came up with the 'Ben Maska' Ad to mark the occassion. 

On February 15th, ISRO created history by launching 104 satellites. Amul came out with this ad to celebrate the occassion. 

With Infosys founders and board members engaged in a war of words, Amul came out with the 'Ikke pe Sikka" ad. 

Roger Federer defeated his nemesis Rafael Nadal in the Australian Open final, clinching his 18th grand slam title. Amul Girl says "Roger will not FED Away!"

Our AMul Girl celebrates Gujarat’s first Ranji Trophy triumph. 

Amul Girl says that Deepika Padukone's Hollywood Debut opposite Vin Diesel is Simply 'Lipxxxxxmacking' 

Early in 2017, Mahendra Singh Dhoni stepped down as Captain of the Indian T20 and ODI Team; handing over the crown to Virat Kolhi. Amul Girl says its 'Dhoning [of] a New Role'.  

Monday, January 30, 2017

What Are Unit Linked Insurance Plans [ULIPs]

Unit Linked Insurance Plans are Hybrid Insurance Products offered by Life Insurance Companies that attempts to cater to both the 'Protection' as well as 'Investment' needs of an individual.

In Unit Linked Plans, the corpus (after deducting the necessary mortality and allocation charges) is invested into the capital markets (both fixed income as well as equity) and the investment risks are borne by the investor. 

How Do ULIPs Operate? 

ULIPs operate much in the same way as Mutual Funds. The premiums collected, after deducting the Risk Premium and other charges, are 'pooled' together and invested into the debt and the equity markets - depending upon the fund chosen by the Investor. 

In return the investors are allocated 'shares of the common pool' known as 'units' at the current Net Asset Value (NAV). 

Unit-holders have the option of investing their corpus into a Fund of their choice. The various fund options include debt, equity or a mix of both in varying proportions. 

The investors are also allowed the freedom of switching between funds to maximise returns from their investments. 

The NAV is calculated based on the market value of the investments and declared on a daily basis. The current day NAV per unit multiplied by the units held signify the total value of the investment as far an individual investor is concerned. 

The NAV, on the opening day, is generally fixed at Rs. 10 per unit. Thus, Rs. 20000 invested on day one will fetch an investor 2000 units of the scheme. 

This Net Asset Value will rise or fall based on the overall performance of the pool of investments. 

The following Unit Links Insurance Plans are generally available to an Investor:

Single premium plans requiring a single lump sum premium payment at the beginning of the policy term.

Multiple/Regular plans requiring an investor to a predetermined premium at regular intervals.

Maturity/Withdrawal Options

Similar to other Insurance products, Unit Linked Insurance Plans, come with a fixed policy term - post with the Policy matures. Investors are required to select the policy term at the time of taking a new ULIP policy. All ULIP Products come with a minimum lock in period.

 Upon Maturity, the policy holder receives the value of his investment which is equal to the NAV per unit as on the Maturity Date multiplied by the units held by the policy holder as on that date.

A policy holder can also redeem his units in the ULIP Plan at the current NAV post the expiry of the lock in period. 

Option To Top-Up. 

In an Unit Linked Insurance Plan, the Investor is given an option to top-up i.e invest an amount over and above the premium payable. 

Sunday, January 29, 2017

How Inbound Marketing Can Help Attract, Convert And Retain New Customers

Inbound marketing involves the creation of websites and online content that engage potential customers sufficiently to attract them to your business. 

In short, you don't find them - they find you! 

This may sound easy, yet it involves a carefully planned strategy that must be managed to the last detail. 

Inbound Marketing - The Idea Behind!

Traditional Marketing on the internet, often referred to as Outbound Marketing, involved the use of advertising - e.g banner and video ads to reach out to potential customers. But experience showed that this form of marketing was often construed as intrusive by the viewers - who wanted pure content and nothing else. 

Marketers found an answer to this potential problem by turning content, that people want to see, into the advertisement. 

 Inbound Marketing, also referred to as Content Marketing, reverses the traditional Marketing Ideology. Instead of you finding customers, you create content - informative resources that potential customers actively seek. In effect your customer finds you through your content. 

With Inbound Marketing your content (Videos, Blogs, Social Media Posts) becomes your biggest Advertisement.    

There are five main principles of inbound marketing that must all be included in one, focused strategy aimed at attracting, converting and retaining new customers.

Content Marketing. 

Creating engaging, informative and entertaining content will act like a magnet to new customers. 

However, simply blowing your own trumpet is not going to work; you need to give your potential customers rewards. 

Rewarding visitors for coming to your website may involve useful tips and information that they can take away. The best rewards make the lives of customers easier, so content such as "how to" guides, video presentations and entertaining blogs will all deliver great results. 

It's simple; create quality content that informs and entertains, and new customers will be drawn to your website like moths to a flame. 

Social Media. 

It is important that communication with potential customers is not just a one-way process. 

Social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are ideal for interacting with your customers, soliciting feedback and sharing new information and content. 

Of course, not all social platforms will be suitable for your particular customer base, but you should experiment with all of the social media sites in order to ascertain which ones work best for you. 

It is vital that you listen to your customers' viewpoints; social media should not be used for 'hard-sell'. 

This is also the perfect way to improve your business's shortcomings, as customers will usually provide honest views and opinions on social media. 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

There have been huge changes in the way search engines such as Google operate in recent years, and your site needs to take them into account if it is to feature at the top of search engine results pages for search terms relevant to your business.

Google loves original content that people find engaging, but low quality, copied or repetitive text which is stuffed with keywords will likely languish at the bottom of search results. 

Websites that are being commented on, linked to and shared will often be given priority over other related sites. 

Successful SEO campaigns never end; they merely continue to adjust to changing trends. 

The best way to ensure that your website is optimised for search engines is to employ the expertise of a digital marketing agency. The agency will often manage the process in its entirety, and digital marketing professionals can draw on many years of experience in the field.


Your customers will only be persuaded to give you their email address if they are getting value from your site. Informative content with a promise of additional benefits in the future will enable your site to harvest thousands of email addresses - invaluable information for future marketing campaigns. 

In much the same way as social media, email can be used to communicate offers, new content and additional resources such as training videos.

Website Optimisation - Getting Visitors To Convert.

There is little to be gained by attracting thousands of new visitors if you can't convert those new visitors into customers. 

Website optimisation involves design, content and interactive features that result in visitors 'buying in' to your products or services. 

Crafting an effective Call-To-Action can act as an effective tool to get visitors to convert. This may involve signing up to a free trial, the completion of a contact form or even making a purchase. 

This stage of inbound marketing takes time, as various design and content aspects must be experimented with to ascertain the best set-up for conversions.

Inbound marketing should always be looked upon as an ongoing process. That is why it may be a cost-effective decision to employ a specialist digital agency to manage your online presence. You might have the best products and services on the market, but there is no point in having a website if no one can find it! 

Thanks for your time. 

Saturday, January 28, 2017

7 Personal Finance And Investment Tips - RoundUp

Take a forward step towards Financial Freedom and Manage your Finances better with the help of some of our best Personal Finance and Investment Tips. 

1. Open up Multiple Sources of Income: 

It is often never enough to meet all your expenses and then save enough to meet your investment goals from just one source of Income. Explore our list of Passive Income Ideas to see how you can make more money by opening up multiple sources of Income. 

2. Always maintain a Mediclaim Policy for You and your Loved Ones

Medical expenses these days can run into lakhs and I have seen people having to liquidate fixed deposits (maintained as a retirement fund) to meet such expenses. It is therefore important that you maintain a Mediclaim Policy with a sufficiently large cover to meet emergent medical treatment costs for you and your family. 

3. Fixed Deposits should be an Important part of your Investment Portfolio

Fixed Deposits are Safe, give you a guaranteed return and should always be a part of your Investment Portfolio. 

4. Maintain several Fixed Deposits of Smaller Amounts than one single Fixed Deposit of a large Amount

It is always a good idea to maintain several Fixed Deposits of a smaller amount than one single fixed deposit of a very large amount. This is because in case you have an emergent need for funds, you need not prematurely withdraw the entire Fixed Deposit. 

Lets say you have a single Fixed Deposit for 10 Lakhs at the interest rate of 8% for 5 years. This is a part of your retirement corpus. Now lets say you need 50,000 rupees to start a business. Now to fund this investment you need to break the Fixed Deposit that you have. But, since you don't need the entire amount so you decide the invest the remaining amount in a fresh Fixed Deposit. 

However, when you approach the bank you learn that that the rate of interest has come down to 6.5% thus leading to a immediate reinvestment loss. 

You could have easily prevented this situation had you maintained 10 Fixed Deposits of 1 lakh each instead of the large FD of 10 Lakhs. By withdrawing any one of those 10 FDs you could have prevented the reinvestment loss. 

5. ULIP's Call for Regular Fund Switches

If you maintain an Unit Linked Insurance Policy (ULIPs), switching between funds at the right time can help you maximise returns. 

In a falling market, one should switch to a Debt Fund and in a rising market switch back to an Equity Fund. 

Read our resource to learn more on how regular Fund Switch helps to Maximize ULIP returns

6. Timing is Important when it comes Investing in Mutual Funds

A Mutual Fund Investment does not necessarily guarantee you great returns. You need to time your Mutual Fund Investments right. This is specially true in the case of Equity Oriented Mutual Funds.     

In an overbought market scenario most of the stocks trade above their intrinsic value. An investment into a Equity scheme of a Mutual Fund in an overbought market would mean buying into a basket of stocks at such elevated levels. When the market corrects, the stock prices would fall and so will the value of your investment.   

7. Gold ETF's Score over Investment in Physical Gold

Gold ETFs are a better investment when compared to buying physical gold in the form of gold coins and jewellery. They are easy to sell (at live market prices) and unlike physical gold do not attract any value added tax. Since Gold ETFs are held through your Demat Account, there are no additional storage costs involved. 

Thanks for your time. 
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