Saturday, October 8, 2016

Blog Niche Idea: A Gaming Blog

If you spend most of your time glued to your computer screen, fighting enemies or racing bikes and consider yourself to be an authority on Gaming, a gaming blog is what you should consider to reach out to millions of gaming enthusiasts from round the world.

These are some of the post ideas for your gaming blog. You can always think of more.

1. Latest game launches across all platforms, be it Android, Windows, Xbox, Playstation etc.

2. Latest game reviews.

3. Game playing tips.

4. Secret unlocks and cheats.

5. Gaming console launches and reviews.

6. Top games across different genres (E.g: Adventure, Strategy, Racing etc)

7. Top games across different platforms. (E.g: Top 20 Android Games)

8. Articles revisiting games of yesteryear's.

9. Historical perspective on game development.

10. Upcoming game launches and previews.

11. Announcement and coverage of gaming tournaments.

12. Gaming Laptops and accessories. [Launches, reviews, comparisons, Top 10 lists etc]

13. Coverage of Gamers' events.

14. General news surrounding the exciting world of gaming.

15. Game developer interviews. [This is a relatively unexplored area]

16. Game playing videos - videos that feature you playing the latest games. Cross post on YouTube to maximise viewership.

17. Game development cycle.

18. How to guides on becoming a game developer.

Your blog can also feature a forum where gaming enthusiasts can discuss everything related to the world of gaming. You might also be interested in organising your own Gamers' Meet through your blog.

Blog Niche Idea: A Philatelic Blog

If you are an avid stamp collector and postage stamps are the only thing that you dream about, a blog on stamp collection (a philatelic blog) could be your way of reaching out to thousands of potential stamp collectors from round the globe.

Here are some of the post ideas for your blog on stamp collection.

1. The basics of stamp collection. 

2. Stamp types that should be collected. 

3. Distinguishing features that increase the value of a stamp. 

4. Do's and Dont's of stamp collection. 

5. Extensive coverage of 'error stamps'. 

6. Rare postage stamps and their estimated current value in both national and international markets. 

7. How to guides on finding good stamps for collection. 

8. Proper mounting and preservation of stamps. 

9. Terms related to stamp collection. 

10. Interesting facts about stamps. 

11. Announcement and coverage of philatelic exhibitions and workshops. 

12. General tips on stamp collecting. [Eg. Thematic arrangement of stamps]

13. Rare postage stamps specific to your country. 

14. Stamps that made it to the Auctions. 

15. How to guides in recognising fake stamps. 

16. Price lists.

17. A feature series on the stamps from your own private collection. 

Note: No philatelic blog would be complete without pictures of the stamps that you speak about. Therefore you must invest in a good camera; capable of taking high resolution pics of the stamps you would like to feature on your blog.

>> You could also use your blog to announce your own philatelic workshop or network with other stamp collectors. 

>> Your blog could also feature a forum where fellow stamp collectors could connect with each other.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Digital Tiger Gaming Accessories - Creative Outdoor Ads

The following post features a collection of creative outdoor advertisements by Digital Tiger promoting their range of Gaming Accessories.

The series of advertisements released in Brazil come with the Tagline "Arsenal For Gamers".

Saturday, June 25, 2016

6 Reasons Why Fixed Deposits Are A Must For Your Portfolio

Fixed Deposits (FDs) with commercial banks earn you a fixed rate of interest throughout the tenure of the investment and are a must have for any portfolio. 

In this post I will discuss why fixed deposits with commercial banks should form an integral part of your portfolio. 

The following are the advantages of Fixed Deposits: 

1. The Promise of Fixed Returns  

Fixed deposits come with a promise of fixed returns. Irrespective of whether the stock markets crash or their is a fall in general interest rates, a fixed deposit will continue to earn you a fixed rate of interest throughout the tenure of the instrument.  

2. Risk Free Investments 

Fixed deposits are virtually risk free instruments and the safety of your capital is guaranteed. 

3. You can avail a Loan against a FD

All commercial banks will offer you a loan against an existing Fixed Deposit. Since the FD itself acts as a collateral against the loan, the bank charges a relatively low rate of interest on such loans. 

Take the case of the State Bank of India as an example. Currently the bank sets the interest rate on loans against Fd 1% above the FD rate and loans are sanctioned upto 90% of the Fixed/Time deposit value. 

4. No Charges on Opening a Fixed Deposit Account 

Whether you are buying a stock or units of a mutual fund or ULIP, you end up paying some form of brokerage or transaction charges which increases your cost of investments. However, there are absolutely no charges involved with opening a Fixed Deposit account with any of the commercial banks. Therefore, there are no additional cost involved. 

5. Flexible Tenure

Banks offer FD's with tenures ranging between 7 days to 10 years with varying interest rates. 

6. Benefits of Compounding 

With FD's, an investor has two options - either to receive interest as a credit to his bank account (on a monthly or quartely basis) or to reinvest the same and secure the benefits of compounding. 

Option to Withdraw Money Prematurely 

Note that banks provide you with the option to prematurely close your FD account in case of any emergency or sudden need for money. However, some banks might levy a penalty for such premature withdrawal depending upon the original tenure of your FD.  

Thanks for your time and happy investing. 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Creative Turtle Print Ads - Khadi Collection

In this post I will be sharing with you 3 creative print advertisements by the popular garment brand Turtle celebrating their Khadi collection.

It would definitely intrigue you to note the fact that each of these art-forms have been created out of a using a single strand of hand-spun thread and is a tribute to the Khadi artisans of India who have had such a significant role in play in the India's freedom struggle.

Click on the images to Zoom.

The Dandi March Artform

The hoisting of the Indian National Flag at the Red Fort

The Khadi Village Weavers Artform

Source: Ads of the World. 

Friday, June 10, 2016

How Valuable Are Your Contacts? Getting Recommendations From Your Contacts

How much time do you spend making contacts? It’s a general principle that you need to generate as many contacts as possible in any given scenario, so the answer is 'every available opportunity'. But, have you ever considered how valuable your contacts are in relation to how valuable they could be?

It is good practice to have as many contacts as possible, but you also need to invest time into creating valuable relationships with your contacts. Spending time making contacts isn’t necessarily wasteful, unless you neglect to take it a step further. Time has value and needs to be spent effectively in order to gain the most benefit.

Getting Started

Start by focusing on the contacts you already have. What information do you have in your database? What is their business relationship with you; what interactions have you had; and what general info do you have that might help initiate conversations? Remember that current info is vital, and the last thing you want to do is waste valuable time using redundant data/information.

For most of us, the task of building contacts through social networking is to secure as much attention as possible from as many people possible. It’s a good start, but if you are always focused on building a wide network, are you truly able to spend time developing those contacts?

Quality Vs Quantity

This is an issue of quality versus quantity. In today’s more popular parlance, it’s about who you know and who knows you. But, consider for a moment, who knows you well enough to recommend you? Do your contacts discuss your brand? Is there a certain level of mutual trust between you? 

And always be inquisitive, as well, about who it is that they know...

Developing Meaningful Relationship with your Contacts 

It’s all about developing 'meaningful relationships' with your contacts. You can have a lot of contacts, but if they do not provide you with any advantage, then they are of no use to you. You need to steady yourself, locate where the most value is, and begin building from there

Locate contacts that can provide the most value to your brand - contacts that can help expand your reach. By spending time on specific contacts, you are thus improving the overall experience for both you and your contacts. These are the individuals who are more likely to endorse you and share your brand with the rest of the world.

Decide on what your goals are and have the end result in mind when you make a contact. What is it that you are looking for? While it is good practice to jump at every opportunity that presents itself, it is crucial that you make the most of that opportunity as well.

By working to build value rather than just building a bigger list, you are able to spend your time effectively and get the best for your business.

50 Creative Ideas for Your Next Website

Whether you want to start a website as hobby or to make money online, creating your own website could well turn out to be the most rewarding choice you have ever made in your life.

It would intrigue you to note that popular websites earn in millions (if not in billions). And, while you cannot expect to clock that kind of revenues with a new website, if you are able to create an interesting and informative website, your readership would grow over time and so would your revenues.

Your revenues would mainly be in form of advertisement and affiliate product sales or you might want to make some of your content available for a fee.

In this post I would be sharing with you 50 creative Ideas that you can shape into your dream website.

1. Deals Website:

Create a deals website that shares hot deals from various eCommerce websites. You can also tie up with existing eCommerce websites to offer exclusive deals to your readers.

2. Photography Website:

If photography is your hobby, a photography website showcasing your work could be an ideal choice for your dream website. You could also feature the work of fellow professional (or amateur) photographers. Also include photography tips and tutorials.

3. Business Tips: 

If you are a successful business owner, you could share your success stories and tips with a business website. Offer tips on starting and expanding a new business and lessons on managing risks.

4. App Recommendation Website: 

Create a website that does what its name suggests – recommend apps for anything and everything under the sun.

5. Online Learning Website: 

Create an online learning website that features text, audio and visual learning materials for a wide variety of courses. You could include both free and paid content.

6. Drone Photo and Videography: 

A site that features photos and videos shot from High Resolution cameras mounted on drones is sure to be a hit among fans.

7. Virtual Reality Website: 

Create a website that brings to visitors the latest news, developments and advancements (including product launches) from the realm of Virtual Reality (VR).

8. Video Search Website: 

Create a website that curates and categorizes the best videos on the web and makes it easier for visitors to search for videos related to their field of interest.

9. Best Ads: 

A website that features the most creative, the funniest, the wackiest (in short the best) advertisements from the world.

10. Cocktail Recipes: 

Share your favourite cocktail recipes with a website of your own. Do spice up your website with a lot of high resolution pictures.

11. Language Learning Website: 

Create a platform that aims to help users learn a new language faster and more effectively.

12. E-book recommendation Website: 

An e-book recommendation website, that lists the best ebooks on offer on a wide variety of topics, could be a great idea for a new website.

13. Quizzing: 

Get your visitors quizzing with a quiz website of your own.

14. Egg Recipes Website: 

Create a website that shares recipes that have one basic ingredient – EGGS.

15. Website on Traditional Martial Arts: 

Create a website dedicated to the traditional forms of martial arts from around the world.

16. Ayurveda Website: 

A website dedicated to Ayurveda would discuss the medicinal properties of plants and herbs.

17. Crime and its Detection: 

A website dedicated to real world crimes and how these crimes were detected is surely a great idea for an interesting website.

18. Website on Rivers of the World: 

A website that talks about the major rivers of the world and how these support life systems, the ancient civilizations that grew around them, the modern day cities that they now sustain and well as the current state of these rivers and the challenges surrounding them in the future.

19. ‘How To’ Website: 

Create a ‘how to’ website that discusses everything from ‘how to boil an egg’ to ‘how to shake a leg’.

20. Website dedicated to Change Makers: 

Create a website that celebrates the struggles and successes of change makers from around the globe.

21. Festivals of the world:

A website that gives readers insights into the various festivals of the world, the history as well as the customs and beliefs surrounding these festivals.

22. Technology Website: 

A technology website would discusses the latest technological developments and product launches from around the world. 

23. Political Website: 

If you have an interest in politics, a website that offers commentary on the latest political developments in your country would be a great choice for a website.

24. Social Causes: 

Create a forum to raise awareness on the numerous social issues ( like pollution, global warming or child labour) currently facing the world.

25. Business Communication: 

Create a website dedicated to the fine art of business communication.

26. Health and Fitness Website: 

Create a website that helps readers lead a fit and healthy life. Include tips, exercise guides and guides to healthy food habits. Also debunk popular health and fitness myths.

27. Business Blog: 

Create a business blog to promote your business. Here is a link to an article that discusses blogging for business.

28. Debunk Myths: 

Have a taste for debunking myths? Create a website for debunking popular myths.

29. Auto Website:

An Auto website would discuss the latest car and bike launches and share popular stories from the automotive industry.

30. Property Guide Website: 

Create a guide to buying and selling property in your locality. Include information about rates, new and upcoming projects and factors to watch out for while buying and selling property. You can also create a property listing website.

31. Investment Guide Website: 

Create an investment guide and spread awareness about various financial products.

32. Tax Planning:

Help individuals as well as business determine their tax liability and meet their tax dues on time with a tax planning website.

33. Niche Job Board: 

Create a job board that caters to a particular niche. E.g. a job board dedicated exclusively to finance related jobs.

34. Social Media and Internet Marketing Website: 

Help small businesses grow big with a website that explores the art and science of social media and internet marketing.

35. Mathematics: 

Make learning maths fun for students with a website dedicated to mathematics.

36. Career Guidance Website: 

Help students choose the right profession with a career guidance website.

37. Music Website: 

Create a website that celebrates music and musicians from different corners of the world.

38. Humour: 

Help your readers laugh aloud with a website dedicated to Humour.

39. Adventure Sports: 

Create a website dedicated to the different forms of adventure sports and the best places to explore them.

40. Travel Guide: 

A Travel Website will seek to answer questions that every wandering soul has: Where to travel? How to travel? What to see? Where to stay? What to eat? Tip: Focus on the unexplored.

41. Audio Books Website: 

Get a team to create quality audio books out of popular stories. Note that for literary works not yet in the public domain, you would need to secure the necessary permission from the author/publisher.

42. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Website: 

SEO is one area which is constantly evolving. Help small business master the art of Search Engine Optimisation with a SEO Website.

43. Sports Website: 

Share the latest developments, facts and trivia from the world of sports with your readers with a website dedicated to sports.

44. Gaming Website: 

Share the latest developments from the world of gaming with a gaming website. Also give your readers ‘behind the scene’ insights into game development.

45. Collectors and their Collections: 

Create a website dedicated to collectors and their unique and often strange collections.

46. Weaponry Website: 

From the humble bow and arrow to the modern day machine guns and fighter planes, take your readers on the journey that explores the development of weapons over the ages with a website dedicated to weaponry.

47. Science Website: 

Create a website dedicated to the inquisitive and interesting world of science.

48. Lessons on Programming: 

Help your readers’ code better with lessons on various programming languages.

49. Parenting and child care website: 

Create a website dedicated to parenting and child care.

50. Wine and wine making website: 

Help readers explore the various types of wines and give them lessons in wine making. Take your readers on a visual trip round the world’s most famous wineries. Rate and review wines and share recipe ideas that incorporate wine.

Note that this list is merely illustrative and not exhaustive. You can always come up with your own unique and creative idea for your website. In fact the more unique the idea, the less would be the competition from existing websites and more would be the chances of your success.

Moreover, it always helps if your website is based on a topic that you are deeply interested in. That would make maintaining your website a lot more fun.

Also to grow your readership, you need to keep updating your existing content while adding newer content overtime. You would also want to explore the possibilities of sharing your content on social media and using paid advertisements to promote your website.

Thanks for your time and best of luck with your efforts.
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